Arunta West Project


83 to 100%


Copper-Gold (IOCG), REEs & Lithium




600 kms West of Alice Springs

The Arunta West Copper-Gold project is located in Western Australia, 600kms west of Alice Springs, near the WA – NT boarder. The tenements cover a ground holding of 840kms² along the Arunta belt with Land Access Agreements in good standings for all project tenements. There has been only limited modern exploration of this in this highly prospective region. Exploration to the end of 2021 includes:

  • 2010-2016 – limited historical regional RAB & aircore drilling
  • 2017 – historical gravity survey over the North Dovers IOCG target
  • 2019 – Norwest diamond & RC drilling across North Dovers target
  • 2019 – Norwest regional 3,000-point soil sampling
  • 2021 – Norwest regional and in-fill 6550-point soil sampling

In early 2022, an independent geochemical analysis of the large Arunta West multi-element soils database identified three significant anomalies including 1) rare earth elements (REE), 2) LCT pegmatites (lithium), and 3) iron-oxide-copper-gold (IOCG).

The REE anomaly[1] – A strong anomaly of coincident REE elements Cerium (Ce), Lanthanum (La) and Yttrium (Y) was identified along a 3-kilometre granite-sediment contact zone where it is disrupted by a crossing structure. This geological setting is almost identical to the Dazzler & Iceman REE deposits at Brown’s Range located outside of Halls Creek and operated by Northern Minerals (ASX: NTU, Market Capitalisation of ~$243M).

A nearby area of REE lows hosts a zone having potential for IOCG/base metals.

Norwest will test the anomalous REE target and IOCG zone with a 78-hole x 3,900 metre aircore drill program.

Arunta West 2022 Surface Geochemistry
New High Priority Targets

Arunta West Rare Earth Anomaly (REE)
Coincident Ce, La, & Y at Arunta West vs Browns Range

Arunta West IOCG anomaly
Map of IOCG drill target, regional structure and Arcee gold prospect

The LCT pegmatite (lithium) anomaly[2] – the geochemical analysis also identified a large 6km x 2km zone of elevated / coincident LCT pegmatite elements lithium (Li), tantalum (Ta) and niobium (Nb) which are recognised as key components for fertile LCT pegmatites (lithium host rocks).  This anomaly was identified from wide spaced soil samples (700m x 700m) which were submitted for 48 element analysis.

Follow-up exploration of the new LCT pegmatite anomaly will include mapping, rock chip sampling and infill soil sampling on a 200m x 200m diagonal pattern.

The IOCG anomaly[3] – A large drill-ready copper-gold anomaly was identified within the easternmost Arunta West tenement. The 3km x 1.5km copper footprint includes an internal 2.5km x 0.5km anomalous gold zone and a suite of elements related to IOCG systems. The new copper-gold anomaly shares a distinct regional structure that extends through the surrounding IGO tenement and the Arcee gold prospect (IGO-PRX JV) located to the southeast.

Follow-up exploration will include mapping and rock-chip sampling followed by a 28 hole x 1,400m aircore drill program in Q3 2022.

Additional copper-gold anomalies were identified on tenement E80/5362 by the 2022 soil geochemical analysis and will be drill tested by 22 holes for 1,100m of drilling.

Importantly, all Arunta West project tenements are covered by fully executed Land Access Agreements with the Tjamu Tjamu people and supported by a Mining Entry Permit issued to Norwest last year by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.


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